About Us

Most of the time search engines allow you to only search for one type of information at one time. They may have billions of web pages to display, but they only show one set of results. For example, text that is found on the relevant web pages. Search Manager (SearchMgr) searches multiple types of information from multiple sources to generate optimal results. In just one overview, you are able to get web pages, videos, news, products and results seen from popular search engines. This enables you to obtain a clearer and complete picture of what the web has to offer. With one entry you search for the answer in the worlds largest search sources and therefore get better and more results! A single search engine mostly searches for one particular type of information. Search Manager (SearchMgr) provides full and thorough search results, made up of various types of information.

Same Internet, more privacy.

Our mission is to show the world that privacy is easy. For over a decade, we've been creating new technologies and working with policymakers to make online privacy simple and accessible to all.

SearchMgr Extension

SearchMgr extension will change default tab settings, change background. Display Weather and time according to Geo location of the user. Your new tab will show our default screen which you can customize as per your taste and colour. This addon will not change your bookmarks or favorites. If you need any functionality to be added into the addon, you are always welcome to contact us and we will do our best. We use Bing as our search result providers and will show you sponsored listings from these providers on the top of the result page.